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Pokemon Sapphire Version Android Game

Pokmon Sapphire Version

Pokmon Sapphire's updated graphics with weather effects, amazing sound, more than 200 Pokmon with over 100 new species--as well as its faithful adherence to the existing series of Pokmon games--makes for a welcome evolution in the series.
First, the game has a lot in common with Pokmon games Silver, Gold, and Crystal. For example, players can choose to be a boy or a girl trainer, an internal clock sets events at certain times, and the game's handy-dandy Pokdex helps players keep track of the many stats. You're main goal is still to beat all the Gym Trainers and become the Pokmon Master. If you've played the old games, you will be right at home. But not all is the same.

The most obvious change is in the battles themselves. Now that two Pokmon can fight on your side at the same time, you can tag-team them against an enemy by taking advantage of the strengths of your Pokmons while covering their weaknesses. For example, you can now have a water Pokmon watch your fire Pokmon's back. You can also attack more than one Pokmon at a time.

A whole new element to the game focuses on how berries are used in battle. And if you collect enough berries, you can take them to a Berry Blender and make a PokBlock, which is a little super-charged candy that raises your Pokmon's ''Condition'' attributes. You can then groom your Pokmon for regional contests and compete for ribbons like ''Best of Show,'' which will unlock additional contests. There's even strategy in how to best use your berries: pick too many and the berry tree will disappear; plant berries, though, and a tree will grow. You can also build a Secret Base in special areas of the game, which you can decorate just like you can your room.

Smooth Gameplay Speed
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Portrait & Landscape Orientation Supported

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