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Pokemon Dark Future 3.1 Parcheado

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Pokemon Dark Future 3.1 Parcheado Juego de Java

Pokemon Dark Future (new name is Pokemon Dark Energy) is not a normal Pokemon game. Instead, I've tried to make it more of an RPG-game, like Final Fantasy series. If you get the feeling of playing a hack of this kind, I've succeeded in what I've been trying to do.


You're a normal male student living with your family, and own pet, Eevee, in Southern Edge of The Capital. The Capital is the biggest city of a planet called Suden where the story takes place. One day, you're woken up to get to the school immediately. It happens to be so that archeologists from the university have made a great discovery and your professor wants to talk you about it.
At this point, your way of living changes dramatically.

You embark on an epic adventure with your classmate Oscar in search of the special Elemental Orbs. Not much is known about these orbs really but one thing is for sure, they were the reason for The Crisis one thousand years ago.

List of changes between Betas 3.0 and 3.1

The levels of the pokemon that trainers use have been decreased
New battle sprites for Goon and Guardian have been added (Created by Poketto)
Mom's has been completely redone, and she can now also save your money
Bicycle has been replaced with Running Shoes (which leads to bugs for those who still have their Bicycle from Beta 3.0) (Credit goes to Koolboyman for this add-on)
The Key delivery -quest between Greenwood Town and Milky Village has been altered to make it more obvious how to progress further in game
Pokemon can now be encountered by Headbutting trees as well
Bulbasaur's moveset has been changed back to normal (Learns Vine Whip at lv10 & Sleep Powder at lv15)
Player mentions the Sweater shouldn't be returned right away after receiving it
You've more money to start with than before & Prices of Town Map and Signet have been decreased
Goons have a new overworld sprite
Gentlemen wear black suits instead of white (during battle)
Sun Stone can be bought in the market in Argent Warehouse
Several bug fixes:

-When Bulbasaur evolves, its gender won't change like it might have in the earlier version
-The things that gym trainers say, after their leader has been defeated, have been changed for the ones that required it
-If TM Sandstorm wasn't picked in Deep Cavern before a certain happening, it could have been seen in the rocks
-One cutscene was buggy if the player was riding a bike during it
-Text bug with Ancient Power has been fixed
-A minor bug with Theresa's has been fixed
Pokemon Dark Future 3.1 Patched

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